Recent Coral Shipments

RainbowUnique Rainbow12 Rainbow11 Rainbow10 Rainbow9 ChaliceAussie BlastoREd PrismDragon UltraAcan3 Rainbow2

July, 21, 2014

ScolyUltra1 Turbinaria Scoly1 Platy1 FrogspawnNPT Pectina1 PlatyPink Micro` Rainbow1 Rainbow2 Rainbow3 FaviaWatermelon. MixedReef WellsoUltra WellsoNeon2 PrismDragon BlastoREd BlastoRed2 Blasto LoboAussie1 Rainbow6 Rainbow7 UltraAcan UltraAcan2 UltraAcan3 UltraAcan4 UltraAcan5 FaviaWar Goniastrea Goniastrea2 Scoly.Ultra ChaliceUltra HammerBranching HammerBranchingNPT ChaliceIndo ChaliceAussie ChaliceAussie2 ChaliceAussie3 Micromussa Micromussa2 Micromussa3 ChaliceAussie5 ChaliceAussie6 AcanEchinata Cyphastrea Moselaya6 Oulophyllia FaviaIndo GoniNeonGreen HammerBranchingGroup ScolyUltra. Rainbow8 Rainbow9 Rainbow10 Rainbow11 Rainbow12 RainbowUnique Branching.Hammer BranchHammer Branching.Hammer. FungiaIndo. Fungia.Indo. Aussie..Chalice AcanRainbow.2 YumaOrange. RoseAnemones RoseAnemone HelioIndo RockRed. LeptastreaOrange SunCoral4 ScolyMaster1

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HammerOrange HammerToxic Bowerbanki.Indo. AcanRainbow7 GonioporaRed. AussieRainbowAcan2 AcanRainbow4RoseAnemones Blastos Chalice.Aussie5

July 14, 2014

FungiaRainbow2 FungiaRainbow IndoUltraZoo3 IndoUlraZoo2 IndoUltraZoo ChaliceRiddler HammerToxicBranching AussieRainbowAcan3 AussieAcanRainbow3 AussieRainbowAcan2 Aussie.RainbowAcan GonioporaPinkRed SymphylliaShowSize FaviaHandPicked2 Chalice.Aussie5 FaviaHandPicked CandyCaneIndo Chalice.Indo2 Chalice.Indo1 Micromussa4 Micromussa3 Micromussa2 Micromussa Chalice.Aussie ChaliceAussie. AcanBGrade GonioporaRed. DaisyIndo HelioIndo TrachyWellsoNeonGreen MixedReef3 MixedReef2 Dendro LoboAussie3 LoboAussie2 LoboAussie. MixedReef GonioporaRedPink LeptastreaOrange FaviaPrismDragonSoul Blastos BlastoRed BlastoNonRed SebaeAnemone Cyphastrea. Moseleya2 Moseleya Acan Acan.Ultra.4 Acan.Ultra3 Acan.Ultra2 RoseAnemone RoseAnemones BlackSunCoral. Blasto.Indo. Sun.Coral FrogspawnNeonGreenIndo HellfireAnemone AcanUltra8 AcanUltra7 AcanUltra2 AcanUltra AcanRainbow7 AcanRainbow6 AcanRainbow5 AcanRainbow4 Acan.Rainbow3 Acan.Rainbow.2 ScolyUltra.Aussie ScolyAussieUltra ZoanthidIndo Acan.Grade.A AcanLordGrade.A YumaOrange. Scoly.Ultra1 ScolyUltra. FaviaWatermelon. Goniastrea BubbleCoralPurple PlatygyraPink HammerToxic HammerOrange FaviaPrismAussie Pectina2 Pectina1 FaviaPrism Bowerbanki.Indo. LoboRainbow1 TrachyIndo LoboIndo1 AcanRainbow.2 AcanRainbow.1 BlastoIndo Symphyllia1

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We are a live saltwater coral wholesaler specializing in high quality and health. We directly import live coral and marine fish from Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Tahiti and several other locations. At Eye Catching Coral, our main goal is your satisfaction and success. We want to earn your business. We have worked for years to be able to provide you with the best products and prices. Our company will provide you with world class service and products. You are in the right place if you are looking for the best possible quality and health. Our company is dedicated to your success and will work hard to help you in any possible way that we can.

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