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Wholesaler of Live Coral and Fish

Since our founding in 2007, it has been our mission every single day to be the absolute best wholesale coral company in the world. To us, anything less than that is unacceptable.

Here is what sets us apart from other wholesalers:

Company Outlook and Attitude

We are always trying to improve and better understand the coral we work with and the businesses we serve. Our long-term outlook sets us apart from our competitors. Every single shipment we import and every shipment we send out to our customers is constantly looked at in depth and made better when possible. For the past 12 years, we have worked tirelessly to learn all that we can and to improve each day. We are proud to deal with only the industry’s best suppliers. However, we find it even more important to our mission to distribute to the industry’s best retailers. This allows us to learn on both sides of our business and gives us incredible insight and access to our industry’s leaders.

Great coral in stock at fair prices every single day

It is our job to maintain great variety and high stock levels every single day. We feel it is so important that we can always meet high customer demand for product on a daily basis. That is why we built a world class facility that is able to hold coral long term and allows us to keep several thousand items in stock at any given time.

Online Ordering/Real Time Inventory

Our real time inventory system allows you to see all of the information necessary to place a great order.  This is accomplished through up to the second stock level updates, accurate and realistic sample pictures, bulk pricing levels, weekly specials and more.  You are also able to select shipping dates, see order status and info, update your account info, and view past and current invoices at anytime.


Our WYSIWYG section allows you to see the exact item you are buying.  We know this industry is getting more and more selective and competitive. No one knows your customers better than you do, and this section is very helpful when you are looking for an exact item that is a must have. This section also allows us to post one of a kind, special, or unique items that would not be as well described by our general stock list.

No Cherry Picking

How would you like to get an order after countless other stores have already taken all of the best items from stock?  That is probably what you are getting from most wholesalers. We have all seen the lines of stores waiting to get into wholesalers after new orders land. This has been a common issue within our industry, and we never allow this to happen at our facility.  We do not allow cherry picking of any kind.  Our ship out customers are our number one priority, and we guard the quality of our livestock without question.

Expert Staff

We have a huge responsibility to professionally handle and hold all of the marine life in our care with the utmost attention to health and well being.  Our staff includes some of the industries most experienced professionals.  Learn more about our team.

Professional Facility

We have spared no expense on our state of the art coral holding facility.  It is our mission to have every item we import leave our facility much healthier than when it arrived.  Learn more about our facility here.

Aquaculture Facility

Our investment in our 4,000 sq. ft. Aquaculture Facility will allow us to continue to offer amazing corals for generations to come.

Professional Door-to-Door Shipping

We have mastered the shipping process and made it much easier for our customers.  We ship UPS door-to-door at a huge discount.  It is almost always a cost savings and you do not have to waste time going to the airport. Our packing has been perfected for this type of shipping to keep costs low and maximize coral health.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Our company has the very best guarantee in the business. If anything in your order does not arrive alive we will replace it on your next order. We DO NOT ask that you absorb the first 5% or 10% of the loss. We DO NOT make excuses for DOA such as UPS lost the package or weather delays caused the loss. If this happens WE WILL still cover all of the items and replace them for you if they are DOA. We would never feel right about making you pay for an item you did not get. It is our job to get these items to you in good health so you can make a profit.

New Customer Discount

We understand trying a new supplier is not an easy decision to make, so we help you take that step by offering a first time discount on your order with us.  This discount plays a very important role in building a strong relationship with new customers.  We are very confident that once you try us out and see the difference we will earn your repeat business.

Scoly's at MACNA 2015

If you succeed, we succeed

Long term and mutually beneficial relationships are very important to our company.  If your business thrives, we thrive.  We strive to only bring you the best products, and it is important to us you are more than happy with each and every shipment.  We look forward to servicing your needs in the years to come.

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We are continually looking for great companies to work with. If you own a retail, online, or maintenance company in the aquatic industry, please consider us for your coral needs. Sign up is quick and easy and in most cases you can begin ordering the same day.

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