Facility Info

Our live coral holding capacity and focus on professional long term care make our unique facility one of the largest and very best of its kind. We handle massive incoming and outgoing shipments with ease, all while professionally handling and holding the livestock. This allows us to import from several locations simultaneously and provide you with the healthiest and happiest selection. Not only is our inventory diverse and vast, we truly have one of the most health-focused facilities in the industry.

Coral Separation & Care

Coral Separation & Care

Our twelve separate multi tank coral systems allow us to separate the corals by country, lighting requirements, flow requirements, water quality preferences, substrate needs, compatibility, and more. Corals in our care improve in health and color while settling in and acclimating to aquarium life. We have designed every one of our coral systems with long-term needs in mind. We also have a full time livestock manager to oversee the health of all items in our care.

Radion G4 Pro


Our facility is proud to use top of the line EcoTech Marine lighting. We researched and studied just about every single LED lighting company in our industry. The Radion G4 Pro was at the very top of the list and an easy choice for us. The vast control capability of the Radion G4 Pro light allows us to quickly change lighting intensity, color, and photo period of each tank independently. We are also able to monitor and control all of our lighting needs remotely.


Our protein skimmer of choice for every single one of our systems is MRC Orca Pro IV. We have tried countless skimmers since then, and have toured hundreds of stores and facilities worldwide. We have yet to find a skimmer that offers as much value and performance as these do. They are powerful, effective, and backed by a great USA company.

Synthetic Saltwater

At our warehouse we use Brightwell NeoMarine salt. We have studied and used many other salts and have had the best success with this brand in both holding and shipping processes. Many other wholesalers use their local ocean water. The local ocean water is a much cheaper alternative and is not always at the perfect parameters or at an optimal water quality level. We find the Brightwell NeoMarine salt to be well worth the extra cost for us. This allows us to take the first step to truly and professionally acclimate the marine life to the captive aquarium parameters it will face in its ultimate home.

Receiving Shipments

Receiving Shipments

Our facility has two professional acclimation stations.  We use these to quickly and efficiently unpack corals that are arriving directly from overseas.  Water parameters are closely monitored to determine the best time period and method of acclimation.  Corals are inspected for health upon arrival, during acclimation, and for the entire time they are with us. All of the arrival information including water quality, volume, parameters, temperature of arrival, integrity of packing, health, quality of items, notes on each species arrival status, and more are all sent to our suppliers.  This allows them to know exactly what is going on with each shipment so they can improve.

Outgoing Customer Shipments

Each and every shipment that is sent from our facility is either hand picked or approved by our Director. Throughout the entire process, our items are treated with the utmost care and are continuously inspected.  Weather is closely monitored at our facility, the arrival location of our customer, and every stop along the way. If it is passing through harsh weather we may use a more insulted box, pack with more water, or use extra ice or heat packs. If the weather is very severe we may postpone the shipment until weather permits.  The health and well being of the items is very important to us. This is why we take so many precautions and is best illustrated by our 100% live arrival guarantee.