What payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards, PayPal, money orders, and checks.

What are your shipment methods?

We ship airport to airport or FedEx. We ship out of Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Our customers can also enjoy our very large FedEx discount.

How do you handle DOA (Dead on Arrival)?

Buy with confidence and enjoy a stress free shipment. Our Company has the best guarantee in the business.  If anything in your order does not arrive alive we will replace it on your next order.  We DO NOT ask that you absorb the first 5% or 10%.  We DO NOT make excuses such as FedEx losing the package or weather delays.  If this happens WE WILL still cover all of the items and replace them for you if they are DOA. We would never feel right about making you pay for an item you did not get.  It is our job to get these items to you in good health so you can make a profit.

What if the shipment is lost or delayed by the airline or Fedex?

We have the one of the best live arrival policies in the industry. We guarantee live arrival no matter what, even if the package is lost or delayed for any reason. We want our customers to have peace of mind and know we are looking out for their best interest.

Do you offer any terms or payment plans?

We do not offer any credit or terms. All shipments must be paid up front. One option is to use your charge card and that will give you some time before the bill will be due.