Please check below for answers to our frequently asked questions.


How do I get a DOA (Dead on Arrival) credit?

You MUST upload the DOA coral through the link we send you with your invoice.  It must be uploaded within our guarantee period.  We can not make any exceptions to this policy.  Your DOA will be reviewed and processed within 1 business day.

I have an item that is not yet DOA but it looks stressed or somehow not in good health:

Upload the photo through our DOA portal within the policy period and it will be covered if it ends up dying as a result of this issue.


Can I buy coral from images I see on your website, email, Facebook, or Instagram?

We only sell exact items from pictures within our WYSIWYG section.  All other images are samples only and are not sold as exact offerings.

When do you update the website and add new shipments?

Our website is uploaded daily with new offerings.

Our WYSIWYG section is updated every Wednesday at Noon Eastern Time.

Please be sure to check our weekly email for updates and news.

When can I add onto my order?

You can add onto your original order until 1PM EST the day it is scheduled to ship.

If you are a FSP (Frag Subscription Plan) Member you may begin adding onto your order 2 business days before it is scheduled to ship.

How do I know what sizes the corals are?

While we don’t list or guarantee exact sizes due to variations within each item, we strive for complete customer satisfaction.  This is one reason we offer new customers a first time order discount.  This allows you to get used to our sizes and processes.

Can I request specific colors or list preferences for corals I am buying?

We can not promise to fill any special requests, but we will do the best we can within reason.  Please be sure to place any requests or notes within the comments field inside your order.

Shipment Info:

How much is shipping?

Our average shipping cost is $55 per box.  However, it can vary between $35 – $95 per box depending on total weight and distance.

When will my order ship?

Our online ordering system will let you select your shipment date.

All orders must ship within 3 business days of being placed.

If you are a FSP (Frag Subscription Plan) member, your monthly order will ship on the same day each month.  For example, the first Monday of the month, it will always be the same.  You will be sent an email with this info each month, 2 business days prior, as a reminder.

Can I change what day my order will ship?

If you have selected a specific day for your order to ship and now would like to change it, please email us and we will TRY to change it for you.  You WILL receive a reply to confirm the change has been made.

How do you ship?

We ship all of our livestock FedEx Priority Overnight.

My shipment seems to be lost or delayed.  What do I do?

Please have your tracking number ready and call 1-800-GO-FEDEX.  Please also inform us by email or phone and we will help try to expedite this shipment from our end as well.

I was not here when my package was attempted to be delivered.  What can I do?

Please have your tracking number ready and call 1-800-GO-FEDEX. Explain this is a live shipment and it needs to be reattempted for delivery today or pickup arraignments need to be made. Not being present for the first delivery attempt voids are DOA guarantee.  However, we always try to help as much as we can from our side to expedite delivery.

Billing & Account Info:

How do I setup a new account?

Please visit the new account setup page on our website.

How do I recover my username or password?

If you are unable to recover your login info, please email us and we will reply back with how to reset your account login info.

Can you send me an invoice for my current order or a previous order?

All invoices will be emailed to you once the order has been shipped.  You can view all of your previous invoices by logging into your account.

Can I change my credit card on file?

Yes, when you complete your order, within our secured Online Ordering System, it will allow you to select or update your payment methods.


Do you export?

No sorry. We do not export at this time as we are unable to keep up with demand domestically.


Do you allow visits to your facility?

We focus exclusively on ship out orders and we do not allow any facility visits at this time.

What are your water parameters?

Salinity: 1.025
Temperature: 78*
Alkalinity: 8.4-8.6
Calcium: 420-440
Magnesium: 1400

Can you share your lighting schedule, system info, or feeding info?

Our commercial facility is very specialized for our exact needs.  It would not translate in a helpful manner to other facilities or systems.

Can I use your images to advertise or sell items I have or have not bought?

We do not allow the use of any of our images.  We have run into many issues here and find it best for all parties involved to hold firm to this policy.

Contact Us:

I have some additional questions.  Can we talk by phone?

Yes, please email us your contact information and we can reach out to you by phone.  We are available Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm only.  Please allow at least 1 business day for us to reach out.

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