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Acan Lord – Rainbow – Acanthastrea lordhowensis

Care Level:  Moderate
Flow: Low to Moderate
Lighting:  Low to Medium
Availability: Often in Stock
Country of Origin: Australia

Approximate Size Information:

Notes from our Director:
Our company is known around the world for our outstanding Acan lord corals.  The rainbow and super ultra Acans we import are stunning. We have been importing Aussie Acans since the first day Australia opened for coral export.  Since then we constantly been improving and learning with each shipment. We have been to Australia several times to oversee collection, holding, selection, grading, sizing, and packing. We are absolute best Acan supplier for quality, price, and health. These items ship well, live/hold well, and sell well for our customers.  To keep them at their best color they should be help under low to medium light with a heavy blue spectrum.