Deep Water Zoanthids

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Deep Water Zoanthids– Zoanthus sansibaricus

Care Level:  Expert
Flow: Low to Moderate
Lighting:  Low
Availability: Rarley in Stock
Country of Origin: China

Approximate Size Information:

Notes from our Director:

Acclimation and Inspection on Arrival:
Inspect the items closely for die off or fungus and give them a good washing in a bucket with tank water or coral dip. If you see any die off remove that section. It will only spread if you do not care for it. If you see fungus blow it off with water flow. It will also spread rapidly without proper cleaning.
*Zoanthids contain toxins and proper precautions should be taken by wearing gloves and eye protection.

Short Term Care:
This is an expert care level item and not an easy to keep item upon first arrival. They require medium random flow upon arrival and low to very low lighting. Be sure to monitor them daily for die off or whitish clear fungus. You can blow any of this that develops off with water flow or cut any die off away with a blade or knife. If you do not monitor and care closely for these items they will not live.

Extended care:
As this item settles in they are very easy to care for. Once fully acclimated to aquarium life they can be placed in a wide variety of flow and lighting from low to high.