Product Details

Dendro – Small to Large Polyps – Orange or to Redish Pink in Coral – Dendrophyllia sp.

Care Level:  Expert
Flow: Low to Moderate
Lighting:  NPS (Non Photo Synthetic)
Availability: Rarely in Stock
Country of Origin: Australia

Approximate Size Information:

Notes from our Director:
Dendrophyllia corals are very sought after for their bright color, awesome behavior, and rarity.  We only import coral with the proper paperwork/permits and we are always careful to follow and respect all USA and foreign regulations.  Australia allows the export of Dendrophyllia and it will always have the proper CITES permits if purchased from us.  Many company smuggle in “Fat Head Dendros.”  I would highly advice you stay away from those corals at all costs. Keep in mind most fat head dendro corals are illegal to import and illegal to own due to improper or fake permits and the lacy act.  Rest assured this item from Australia is allowed, inspected, and cleared by US Fish and Wildlife and US Customs.  These items are NPS and need to be fed and cared for as you would care for a Sun Coral (Tubastrea sp.).