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Scoly – Unique – Scolymia australis

Care Level: Easy to Moderate
Flow: Low to Moderate
Lighting:  Medium
Availability: Often in Stock
Country of Origin: Australia

Approximate Size Information:

Notes from our Director:
These unique scolymia all have something very special about them.  They are very rare and we only get a handful of them each time out of hundreds in the shipment.

Scoly corals from Australia are some of the most colorful corals we sell.  They are truly each one of a kind and come in a wide vareity of colors and patterns.  We are very careful to price them correctly for the market and we take into account all factors such as color, size, and shape when sorting and grading them for distribution.  Some suppliers who collect them do not do a very good job of holding or collecting them correctly.  We pride ourselves on selling healthy and properly collected and sourced items.  Rest assured that you will recieve a scolymia from us that will live well for you and be priced correctly.