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Walking Dendro – Heteropsammia cochlea

Care Level:  Intermediate
Flow: Low to Moderate
Lighting:  Medium
Availability: Sometimes in Stock
Country of Origin: Australia

Approximate Size Information:
Price Per Unit 1″ to 2″

Notes from our Director:
The “Walking Dendro” is one of the most unique corals we offer for sale.  It looks simlier to a Duncan polyp but is a solitary polyp coral and it moves round the bottom of the tank.  It has a worm (Aspidosiphon corallicola) that lives inside a small hole in the bottom of its base that causes it to move around.  We have had good luck with these items in the long run and have yet to own one that the worm has died in.  If the worm does die the coral will still live but will no longer roam around.